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November 25
On the way to energy independence

Energy independence of our company is a very important link in the chain of production, and most importantly - economic stability. At Dneprospetsstal realization of a large project on energy saving heat recovery is completing. We will become autonomous, and the proceeds will be spent on development and new investments.

Well-known fact: Metallurgy - hot production, without this "hot" and metallurgy itself impossible. But what about this very excess heat?

Recently, thousands of, even the millions of joules of thermal energy from a different sort coolers simply "were flying out into the pipe», and pairs and hot water for technological and economic-household the needs of we were buying at our neighbors - «Zaporizhstal». Exactly they are the only suppliers of this resource in this part of industrial site, we can say, the monopolists.

In order to preserve and use of this heat, on the oxygen refining area of the Second Steelmaking shop the system of waste heat recycling was built, designed with good use of the heat generated.

During operation of GOR unit its temperature cooling circuit averages is 90 degrees. In order not to release this warm to the atmosphere, it was decided to heat the factory premises.

Technologically this system is not new: the hot water is taken from the cooling circuit of the GOR and passed through a plate heat exchanger, which in turn heat the water for heating. Incidentally, this same heated water will be used for showers.

- As those problems with the introduction of this technology has not arisen, the project has been carefully designed by experts of CPE Dpt. together with specialists of ED Dept. and mounted by Construction Management Dept. - says electrical supervisor of steelmaking shop 2 Konstantin Zvyagintsev.

And indeed, such a rapid and successful implementation of this project was made possible thanks to the competent and coordinated work of a number of our departments: ED Dept., CPE Dept., Economic Security Dept., Construction Management Dept., Estimating Department, Equipment Dept., Purchasing Dept, Project Management Dept, Equipment Repair Dept., Electrical Repair Shop, Steelmaking Shop-2 , Energy and Electric Power Dept., as well as representatives of contractors.

This technological solution will make DSS not only autonomy and independence. To this pluses and concrete gains are added. With investments in 930 000 UAH, the economic effect is - 1.4 million UAH per year. These funds were used for a simple hot water can be devoted to other needs of our company. Not hard to imagine that this mounting will pay for about one heating season.

This improvement felt by three divisions: networks shop and electric power substations, the base-pumping station and administrative building of Steelmaking Shop 2.

- Changes are already being felt, - said the head of Steelmaking Shop 2, Roman Starshikov - Although the system works while in the test mode, radiators became noticeably warmer.

Основные работы по проекту уже завершены, сейчас система работает в тестовом режиме. На полную мощность объект заработает с начала декабря. Major work on the project has been completed, now the system is running in test mode. This mounting will work at full capacity from the beginning of December.

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